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The Expert Show

Before you dance the first dance or even say your vows, you put a lot of time, preparation and planning in to your wedding day. This should be no different for all the suppliers you book, especially your entertainment.

The Expert Show that we perform at EVERY wedding includes the same preparation and planning.

Although the setlist may vary from wedding to wedding depending on the couple and guests musical taste, the effort we put in to every wedding is the same.
Prior to your wedding date, you will receive a google form link where we ask for all the important information that The  Expert Wedding Band need to ensure your wedding is the best it can possibly be. This includes some information on where you, your family and guests are from. You might not think its relevant but as Experts we know that no song gathers a Mayo crowd more than the Green and Red of Mayo, or that no crowd sing ‘ Dreams’ by the Cranberries like a limerick Crowd. The more we know about you and your guests, the more personal we can make the night.

We also give you the option to include any musical preferences in the google form and will do every effort to play them live by the band and if not they will be played by the DJ who will have these requests ready to go.



The Expert Wedding Band know that the first dance is a moment that all couples dream of  or sometimes, it can be a moment that couples are nervous about. We will learn any first dance request and play it live or we can play the original version on mp3 if you prefer. If you are nervous about the first dance, we can help find the perfect first dance for you that will make you feel at ease and comfortable. 

Without any fuss The Expert Wedding Band will liaise with your venue to ensure we are all on the same schedule to help your day run as smoothly as possible and to make sure you get the most out of your day! 

On the day itself, the band will arrive in plenty of time having communicated with the hotel wedding co-ordinator. Once the band have access to the ballroom or stage area its full steam ahead. Usually the band are ready to go in the same amount of time that it takes for the hotel to clear any tables on the dancefloor.
Once the band complete a short sound check, Kayla will gather the bridal party just outside of the ballroom. Within minutes, the show begins!



We start how we mean to continue – with everyone on the dancefloor. A newly married couple should dance their first dance surrounded by their friends and family in what we call the circle of love! This not only helps the more nervous dancers, but also makes the video and photos even more magical- giving you memories to last a lifetime!

After the first dance, We perform songs from a set which will have a selection of music based on your google form and from our tried and tested wedding hits. We will change the set as the night goes on depending on what you and your guests respond best to. Some nights we may include more modern music , rock and pop and on other nights we may play jives and waltzes from the beginning to end.

On the night, it is also up to the couple whether or not they want to include more traditional elements of a wedding reception such as the bouquet toss, garter removal and since we are in Ireland, we can also include a Siege of Ennis. You can let us know prior to the day or if you are undecided we can incorporate these activities at any point on the night.

What really makes our show and Expert show is the ability to help the crowd and atmosphere go from one high to the next. We have a number of ‘high points’ throughout the show that we build up to and from. These high points in the show include electric medleys and crowd interaction, dance-offs and singalongs, guaranteed to bring the party to the next level. We end the night on the highest of highs with our finale medley. And just when you think the night is over, our Expert DJ takes over playing all of you and your guests requests.

The Expert Wedding Band perform for up to 2.5 to 3 hours and our Expert DJ plays until the cut off time specified by your Hotel or Venue management.

The Experts will never anything to chance and provide their own sound system, back-up sound system and light show. 

Not only will The Experts Wedding Show impress you with its top quality music, The Epic sound will also be matched by an impressive lighting display which will transform your venue.