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The Expert Setlist

The Expert Setlist

Over the years, The Experts Wedding Band have managed to build up a set list of hundreds of songs spanning every genre.

An Expert Wedding band know that it is never the case that only one genre will suit everyone at a wedding. The perfect Wedding Band should therefore have an extensive setlist which includes many styles and genres to appeal to every guest , from youngest to oldest.

With all Wedding Bands in Ireland, it starts with the setlist… but this is The Experts Wedding Band so it is only fitting that they play an Expert set right?

The band have not only built a diverse set which includes all genres, but is made up of the very best hits, classics and must-have anthems needed to make every wedding great. Whether you are a 90’s dance tune fanatic, the next Tina Turner, or you simply love a good jive to Nathan Carter – The Experts Wedding Band has a set list which will engage and entertain you from the first note till the last!

Its no secret that many bands play the same songs, but as Wedding Experts, we try and do things differently.

Just like you want your wedding to stand out from others, we want to stand out too. To achieve this we are not only constantly updating our set and adding new material but we also work hard on creating exciting medleys to keep every crowd’s heads turning on the night.

Its not just a set … it’s a SHOW!