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Meet the Experts

About The Experts

Where the Experts Came From

The Experts are a 5 piece, fully live, Galway based Band who specialise in large venue and wedding entertainment.  Each member is an accomplished musician in their own right and all have their own area of expertise which they bring to the table. 

The Experts Band is the vision of the bands front woman, Kayla. After years of singing with different bands, she felt there was room in the industry for an unstoppable wedding band with both male AND female vocals who specialised in quality wedding entertainment. 

Trying to find the new band name was proving difficult until one day, while chatting with Ollie, Kayla said she “just wanted the band name to show everyone that we were experts in our field”.. and so The Experts were born. 

The Experts are immersed in the music and entertainment industry and with that, come three core values… Reliability, Priority & Quality. 

Our 3 Core Values

Reliability – The Experts always turn up! Not only can you rely on the people but you can always rely on our equipment too as we only use top quality, professional standard systems. We also always bring back up sound systems to every gig or event. 

Priority – Busy bands like The Experts can easily get over-worked and over tired but The Experts have a strict rule that the priority of each band member is always on the crowd in front of them. Too many bands stand on stage in an almost “autopilot” state of mind. Not the Experts. The Experts guarantee that YOU are our priority in the run up to your wedding and of course, on the night itself. 

Quality – A passion for music is what brought these 5 musicians together. The Experts strive for quality in everything they do but particularly in the standard of the music they play and how they play it. Nothing brings them more satisfaction than performing music to the highest of standards.  The Experts are constantly improving and never settling when it comes to the quality of their music and show!

KAYLA: Expert Frontwoman / Lead Female Vocalist

Kayla is the Experts dedicated lead female vocalist.

Kayla has an impressive vocal range which allows her to sing the hits of many great singers from Dolly Parton to Tina Turner, Beyonce, SIA and her time fronting a rock band means she can also dish out hits from the likes of Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses and ACDC… She can sing all of this and much more even after singing everything from Mozart to Adele at the ceremony earlier in the day.  One thing is for sure, the extent of Kayla’s versatility means that its like having multiple voices with just one singer. Her versatility is also something that your guests will be amazed by.

Kayla is an expert front woman and loves to interact with the crowd in front of her. You can find Kayla on the dancefloor a lot of the time making the most of the celebration and making sure all your guests are involved too. Kayla knows it is important to also read the crowd in front of her. Some guests may enjoy interaction and others may be more comfortable to be left alone to enjoy the company of their family and friends only.

Kayla is a classically trained soprano  with an Honours Degree from the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama and a Masters in Music Education in the University of Limerick.

MIKE: Expert Lead Guitarist / Male Vocalist

Mike comes from a family of the finest musicians in the west of Ireland. His hair raising rock solos are sure to have your guests pumping and whether he plays them on the stage or on one of the tables, he won’t miss a note! His ability of being able to play the most technical of pieces allows him to play everything from funk to traditional Irish leads. However you won’t find him on the dancefloor during the Siege of Ennis as that can get messy.. especially if the guests are from Mayo! 😉 As well as being the bands expert guitarist, Mike is also one of 3 male vocalists in the band who sings some of our country and pop hits as well as providing gorgeous harmonies to enhance the other singers.

Paul: Expert Bass Player / Male Vocalist

Paul is the bands expert bass player and boy does he funk up everything he plays! There is no need to leave out that iconic bass solo in the likes of Call Me Al when Paul is around! Pauls bass style adds depth and groove to the band’s sound and you won’t resist hitting the dancefloor – especially when he sings (or raps) hits in our set from the likes of Macklemore, Aerosmith and House of Pain. When he is feeling cool, Paul sings a great version of Cheerleader and when he is feeling fierce he belts out an untouchable version of Thunderstruck! Lucky for us, he is always cool and pretty fierce!

Ollie: Expert Keyboard Player / Male Vocalist / Expert DJ

Our keyboard player Ollie, is a 90’s kid at heart. Although not born in the 90’s, Ollie is an expert at providing all the iconic synths and sounds for your favourite 90’s dance hits and brings them to life! His deep, warm, voice is perfect for hits from Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks.  No later than the band play their last note, Ollie swiftly becomes the Expert DJ. With many years as a professional radio DJ, Ollie is up to date with current hits and the newest releases. Ollie is an interactive DJ meaning he accepts all requests from you and your guests at any point of the night. 

Cormac: Expert Drummer and All-Round Rock n' Roll Legend!

As Expert Drummers go… you can’t meet a bigger expert than Cormac Dunne. As original drummer of The Stunning, Cormac brings an incredible level of skill and professionalism to the band. He is the rock that holds the band together and like all true rock stars, he does so while being effortlessly cool!