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Where the Experts Came From

Where The Experts Came From

We believe that it’s not enough to just be an expert musician when it comes to wedding entertainment – you must be an expert at WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT! And so .. The Experts Wedding Band was born. The Experts are indeed, a super group combining 5 seasoned musicians, each with years of expertise and experience in the wedding industry – with one singular focus… to provide the best in Irish Wedding Entertainment and be the best Wedding band in Ireland!


Planning a wedding is no easy task. It takes a lot of research, decision making and sometimes compromising. It also can take a lot of time! To help save some of your time, here is a checklist of things that The Experts Wedding Band can offer!


The Wedding Band Checklist

  1. Must have both strong male and female lead vocals!
  2. Must play a fully live set – no cheating with backing tracks!
  3. Must be value for money and play for over 2 hours minimum!
  4. Must have a long setlist with a variety of Genres!
  5. Must put us and our guests first on the night!


If the above checklist is similar to your own then be sure to take a look through the rest of our website to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we do it!


More importantly, if there is something missing from the above checklist that is important to you, make sure to contact Kayla today. As Experts, its quite possible we can tick all the boxes for you on your search for the best wedding band for your day!